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Mike & Maureen Smith  started with pedigree dogs in 1962. The chosen breed at the time was Labradors as Mike did a great deal of shooting. This first Labrador, Lad, lived until 1978. They also had one other Labrador, Gent, when the first one was 3 year old and he lived 11 years. They were both males.

They bought their first male Rottweiler, Kardel the Chieftain, in 1978, as they were very interested in the working capabilities of the breed.  He was a excellent, hard working dog with a fine character. They progressed to showing, which they have been very successful. Mike and Maureen still work Rottweilers, they also show and work the Russian Black Terrier.

Bulldogs came on the scene in 1990 and they still have their first bitch, Champion Wilward Queen Bodicea at Fernwood. Mike and Maureen made her up to Champion. As Mike said, "We admire their character as they are completely different from other dogs."
Only one litter of Rottweilers is bred per year and they intend to breed the Russian Black Terrier in the future.

Currently, the Fernwood Kennel has Rottweilers and Bulldogs at Stud to approved bitches.

This is a true partnership as Maureen shows, trains, works and feeds the dogs, while Mike walks them and picks up their poo!
He also pays the bills!

As Mike said, "The future of Rottweilers is in the hands of the quality of judges who are prepared to judge to the standard as laid down by the K.C. with special regard to temperement, size, substance and soundness. All these qualities are sadly diminishing today." Not so at Fernwood.